Standard PVC CurtainThis is our biggest selling product and the workhorse of our PVC strip curtain range.

From small pedestrian doorways to large exterior warehouse doors, our clear PVC covers most applications with ease. Our standard clear grade plastic strip curtains provide good light transmission and are suitable for temperatures from +38C down
to -10C.

With its excellent thermal insulation properties, our standard PVC is a cost-effective solution to reducing heat loss during the colder months, with curtains often paying for themselves within the first winter.

Reducing heat loss by a significant amount, our customers notice the difference imediately. These curtains also provide protection from other elements such as noise, dust and airborne pests; are flexible, durable and totally transparent. They can be hung using either the fixed or sliding mechanism to make them a highly effective partition solution.

Our standard PVC curtains have been used in a wide range of industry sectors for a variety of different applications; from small owner operated businesses to large Blue Chip companies; from military bases to kindergartens.

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