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PVC by the metre

The quote tool below will give you the cost of PVC strips cut to your required length only. You should use this quote tool if you need replacement strips for an existing curtain, or if you need PVC strips for another reason. Please note that if you want to replace damaged strips on an existing hook-on strip curtain you should select 'YES' for the hanging plates option.

If it's a complete curtain kit you need, including all the track, brackets and fixings, please use our Made-to-measure strip curtain quote tool.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 01260 272313.

PVC Roll



Enter your sizes below.

PVC type PVC typeFor curtains less than 3m high the 200mm PVC is normally ok. For 3m to 5m high curtains we recommend the 300mm PVC and for curtains over 5m high you should select 400mm PVC.
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Length of Strips Length of Strips
Enter your required length of PVC strips in millimetres.
TIP: If you're not sure exactly what length you need, you can over-order and trim to size later.

Number of strips Number of strips
Enter the total number of individual PVC strips you require

Hanging plates Hanging plates
Select yes for hanging plates ONLY if you are replacing damaged strips on an existing hook-on curtain
These stainless steel plates are riveted to one end of each PVC strip and connect to an existing hook-on track

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All PVC strip by the metre orders come with FAST, FREE UK delivery van

PVC strips cut by the metre

As well as our complete made-to-measure PVC strip curtain kits, we also sell high-quality PVC strips by the metre to any chosen length. We cut your required length of plastic strip from 50m rolls and price it by the metre.

With secure online ordering and fast, free UK delivery, you can confidently buy your PVC strips from us.

Our customers often need to replace some of their PVC strips that are cracked or broken on existing door curtains. PVC strips by the metre are a cost-effective way to repair your door curtain and maintain its qualities for many years to come. Plastic strips also offer a versatile solution for many problems due to their energy-saving, hard-wearing and see-through qualities. For example, they can be placed on the bottom of a gate to provide an economical solution to prevent energy waste or unwanted pests.

Please use the quote tool above to get a custom price for your PVC strips. If you are replacing damaged strips on an existing hook-on strip curtain, be sure to select 'YES' for the hanging plates option. If you want the strips for another reason, then you probably won't need hanging plates.

If you're not sure exactly what you need or you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will help and guide you to make the right decision on your plastic strips. Call us free on 01260 272313 if you would like some advice.


1) Do you cut to individual strip length or just by the metre?
Yes, we do. We can cut your PVC strips to any length you want. We also sell 50m PVC rolls and we'll advise you if a roll is a cheaper option for your needs. As a general rule, if you want a PVC strip that is 30 metres or more in length, it is worth checking to see if it is cheaper to buy a full roll.

2) How easy is it to replace a plastic strip?
Generally, it is an easy job to replace a plastic strip as the hardware is already installed. The amount of time it takes to replace a plastic strip will depend on how many PVC strips need replacing and whether the hanging plates and track need changing too. If you replace the strips as and when needed, then it's a quick job that keeps your door curtains working optimally.

3) When should I replace a plastic strip?
It is advisable to replace a plastic strip as soon as it is damaged. Old and broken plastic strips are less effective at maintaining your required temperature, repelling pests and insects, containing noise and stopping pollution and heavily scratched strips can cause visibility health and safety issues too. For example, an accident could easily occur if a forklift driver cannot see through the PVC strips and their colleagues are on the other side of the curtain. Replacing a plastic strip maintains the high-standard qualities that you need from your curtains, keeping your environment optimal for its use and safe for its users. Our high-quality PVC strips are cut to order and delivered fast and free, making it easy to replace your strips whenever needed.

4) Do the PVC strips come with the mounting holes already pre-punched into each strip?
Our strips do not need mounting holes. Making holes in the PVC strip would lead it to rip. To hang your plastic strip, you need to attach a hanging plate. You then simply hook the hanging plate onto your hook-on track. You can either re-use the hanging plate and hook-on track or replace them.

5) How long do PVC strips last?
The lifespan of PVC strips is dependent on their quality, use, and the frequency, type and care of traffic that moves through them. Some customers replace some strips annually and others have plastic strips that last for many years. We use high-quality PVC strips. To help maximise the life of a door curtain, we recommend that they are fitted internally behind doors or openings that can provide a degree of shelter. If they are fitted outside of a doorway, they are fully exposed to the elements day and night and they can deteriorate and lose visibility more quickly.

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