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Our range of PVC

We have many different types of PVC available in a number of different sizes and weights.

The following information describes the various sizes and types of PVC strip we sell, as well as a guide to the applications they should be used for. If you don't see what you are looking for or if you need more information please call us on 01260 272313.

PVC strip width & thicknesses available

Our standard PVC strip comes in four sizes...

1) 200mm x 2mm
Each strip of PVC is 200mm wide (8 inches) and 2mm thick. This is a light weight PVC type and is suitable for pedestrian door curtains less than 3m high.

2) 300mm x 2mm
Each strip of PVC is 300mm wide (12 inches) and 2mm thick. This is a slightly heavier grade of PVC and is suitable for pedestrian door curtains and light-weight industrial curtains.

3) 300mm x 3mm
Each strip of PVC is 300mm wide (12 inches) and 3mm thick. This is a nice, heavy duty grade of PVC and is suitable for industrial door curtains up to 5m high.

4) 400mm x 4mm
Each strip of PVC is 400mm wide (16 inches) and 4mm thick. This is a very heavy grade of PVC and is suitable for large industrial door curtains over 5m high.
PVC thickness

Standard grade PVC strip

Standard grade PVC strip
The workhorse of the PVC range and by far our best seller. Our standard grade flexible PVC strip is highly transparent, very hard wearing and extremely versatile.  It is also low odour and REACH approved with high UV stabilisation properties so it won't go cloudy very quickly. It is suitable for temperatures between -10°C & +40°C and is commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including...
 - interior & exterior doors
 - area segregation
 - temperature control
 - noise reduction
 - pest control
 - dust & pollution control

Polar grade PVC strip

Polar grade PVC strip
Our polar grade, low-temperature PVC strip is designed for the cold and stays flexible at temperatures as low as -40°C.  It is ideal for use in walk-in freezers, cold rooms and other deep-freeze environments.  Curtains made with our polar PVC are perfect for keeping the cold in and the heat out, without restricting access.

Polar PVC is suitable for temperatures between -40°C & +25°C.  However, for anything above -10°C we recommend you opt for our standard grade PVC.

Ribbed forklift PVC strip

Ribbed forklift PVC strip
Made from our hard wearing standard grade PVC but with additional ribs protruding from both sides of the material surface.  The ribs re-enforce & strengthen the PVC and also absorb the impact of forklifts, crates, cages and other vehicular traffic which protects the PVC and extends the life of the curtain.

Polar ribbed PVC strip

Polar ribbed PVC strip
Ideal for use in large freezers and cold rooms which have forklift traffic.  Our ribbed polar grade PVC has all the same benefits as our standard ribbed PVC, but with the same low temperature tolerance as our polar grade.

As with our polar grade PVC, this product is designed for deep freeze environments, so for anything above -10°C we recommend you opt for our standard ribbed PVC.

Anti-static grade PVC strip

Anti-static grade PVC strip
Mainly used for computer data centres, our anti-static PVC strip curtains are designed to keep chilled air contained and circulating within the server rack aisles.  This increases the efficiency of the air-conditioning system, ensures the computer hardware doesn't overheat and reduces overall running costs.

Anti-static curtains are also ideal for 'clean rooms' and any electrically sensitive areas.

Frosted PVC strip

Frosted PVC strip
Made from the same hard wearing material as our standard grade PVC, but with a frosted light diffusing surface. Our frosted PVC strip is perfect for any application where you want to hide an area without reducing light transmission.  Most commonly used to obscure stock, store rooms, workshops and other private areas from public view.

Welding PVC strip

Welding PVC strip
Our red welding grade PVC conforms to ISO EN 25980 standards (formally EN1598) and is designed to protect against welding 'flash', dangerous radiations and projectiles emitted by welding activity.

By screening out hazardous UV rays and welding flash, our high quality welding grade PVC eliminates eye injuries and offers fire protection from sparks and hot metal projectiles.

Coloured / blackout PVC strip

blackout PVC strip
Our coloured blackout PVC is completely opaque and does not allow light transmission.  Although most commonly used in the poultry industry, blackout PVC has also been used for a wide variety of other purposes, including...
 - Obscuring areas from public view
 - Darkening the entrances to fun fair rides
 - Theatrical set design
 - Marine research uses
Blackout PVC is supplied in black as standard, but we also stock other colours including red, grey, orange white and blue.  We also offer a custom colour matching service if required (Minimum order 250 kg). Please contact us for more details.

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